2022 Global Youth Justice Leadership Conference


Monday, AUGUST 8, 2022




Adult Staff, Board, Partners, Sponsors, and Volunteers

Involved in Active Programs in 47 States, 30+ Tribes and 12 Countries


Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs


25 Peer-to-Peer Training Sessions by Adult Leaders

3 General Sessions; 1/2 Day Grant Writing Session; Funding; Volunteer Management


The Conference Center at The NonProfit Center

“Located Right in Downtown Boston by Everything”


October 18-20, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Tuesday to Thursday  *  9:00 am to 5:30 pm



(Global Youth Justice, Inc. Subsidizes Registration to Keep Affordable and We Feed People)

3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 Days of Training, Training Materials, Surprise Gift, and MORE.


Greater Boston Hotels include City of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville within about an 8 mile radius and low rates can typically begin in the $275+ Tax Range. Global Youth Justice, Inc. Global Youth Justice, Inc. has a contractual relationship with one hotel that is at a rate of $179+ tax, and after participants register they are provided with this as one option for likely the most affordable hotel. We have a discount on a more expensive hotel, and participants can easily search hotel websites for what meets their budget and needs.





29th Global Youth Justice Training

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 to Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs

“Establishment Focused w/Current Innovations”

Registration $195 and Hotel $152+ Tax

Eligible:  Individuals and Teams of 2-6 who are in the process of Establishing these Diversion Programs to include those wanting to learn about Current Innovations.  The Training is Focused on the 14 Primary Areas to Include Administrative, Operational, Programmatic, and Fiscal (Budget, Grants, Resources).   If you are in the Process of Establishing one of these Diversion Programs, or in the exploratory stage, this is our best training to attend.  In addition to those Establishing one of these Diversion Programs, those Eligible to Attend, are New Staff in Existing Programs, Existing Programs with Staff never Trained, and New Partners to existing programs.

For Adults in Existing Programs, it may make sense to attend if you have not been to one of our Trainings — but be informed — the agenda revolves around the primary areas of establishing and operating one of these diversion programs.  A detailed agenda and registration form is below.



HOTEL:  $152+ 11% tax


These Youth-Led and Volunteer-Driven Diversion Programs have emerged as the most replicated Juvenile Justice Program in America since the 1st Juvenile Court in 1899, they have also now become one of the Top 5 Youth Service Opportunities for Volunteer Youth in America, while providing other invaluable for all youth involved, such as active civic engagement, youth leadership, positive youth development, and they are providing a rare “Essential Service” to their communities year round, and are they are the #1 most replicated Essential Service Program in America for both Youth and Adults.

These uniquely American juvenile justice programs have also expanded to 12 other countries, and in America and around the Globe they are expanding more than any other diversion programs.  These are NOT those “Restorative Circles” or “Therapeutic Restorative Models” used in about 5% of communities.  They are not a good fit for a wide range of juvenile crimes, and volunteer youth have no role in anything therapeutic, as professional adults need to handle that.

Global Youth Justice Trainings are Subsidized

Global Youth Justice, Inc. Trainings, Conferences, and Professional Development Institutes are all subsidized to make them affordable for the Adults who attend our events.  Global Youth Justice, Inc. utilizes private funds to support our trainings, as more than 50% of our Training Participants report paying some or all costs to attend our Global Youth Justice Events.  Unlike many other national and international nonprofits, we do not look to Trainings and Conferences to generate revenue to support our Operational Costs, as supporting Adults working, partnering, and volunteering in any of the 2,000+ Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs is vital to our Mission.


$195 Rate

Our Low $195 Registration Fee for this Global Youth Justice Training this June 28-29, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts also includes 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunches, 2 Snack Breaks, 2 Days of Training, Training Materials, and a Detailed Agenda is listed below for additional information.


$152+ 11% Tax 

While Hotels in the Boston are easily $300+ per night, Global Youth Justice, Inc. has partnered with Wyndham Resorts, and they have agreed to support our Juvenile Justice and Youth Justice work, and therefor approved participants at our upcoming “Professional Development Institute” in Boston will get a Private Code to book Rooms with a King Bed at the Wyndham’s La Quinta Inn and Suites of Boston and Somerville at a Low $152+ 11% tax.

This $152+ 11% tax rate also includes 24-Hour Shuttle Service to and from Boston Logan International Airport each hour, and there is a complimentary breakfast at the hotel (although Global Youth Justice has breakfast every day). The La Quinta is also located in the “Sullivan Square” area of Greater Boston, and it is the Largest Shopping and Entertainment area of Greater Boston.  It is located one block (2 minute walk) behind this whole area.

The La Quinta of Boston and Somerville is located only 4 miles from The NonProfit Center in Boston, where the Training takes place, and the Boston Subway is conveniently located 4 blocks from the La Quinta, and costs only $2.80 each way to take to South Station in Boston, which is 2-Blocks away from where this Training takes place at The NonProfit Center.

The Global Youth Justice Training takes place at the State-of-the-Art Conference Center at The NonProfit Center — a 9-Floor Consortium of 50 Social Justice Non Profits, located 2 blocks from the Boston Waterfront, which is also the Global Headquarters for Global Youth Justice, Inc.  South Station in the primary Boston Hub for trains, busses, subway, food court and more.  Of course — Participants can stay at whatever Hotel they want.


For the Boston Training, after participants are approved to attend, we will provide you with a list of the 5+ closest hotels to the Training Location — The NonProfit Center @ https://nonprofitcenterboston.org/.  You can also visit a wide range of sites to find the best hotel deals, and stay where you want, as the Global Youth Justice Boston Training is only 2 blocks from the Boston Waterfront and South Station — the main Transportation Hub in Boston.  We purposely made the training days longer in Boston, so participants traveling out of state saved money on hotels, by the training being 2 days, instead of 3, like Las Vegas.  There are 100’s of Hotels in Boston, and below are just a few.

Wyndham’s La Quinta Inn and Suites of Boston and Somerville


Limited Training Slots (Boston):  75-100 Adult Participants at the Boston Training to include individuals and teams of 2-6 adults interested in Establishing and Enhancing our rapidly expanding our Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice Diversion Programs called Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury are eligible to attend.  Registration will fill to capacity — so Register Early if you plan to attend.  If you want to find out about approval before submitting the registration form below, just contact us, as we are glad to help. 


The BOSTON TRAINING takes place Tuesday, June 28, 2022 to Wednesday, June 29, 2022 from 9am to 6pm.  Breakfast on both days is available from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. and lunches are both days from 12:00 noon until 1:00 p.m.  Participants traveling out of state, typically arrive on Monday and Depart on Thursday, although Boston does have many late night flights on Wednesday.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Participants should evaluate their own health needs, risks and conditions, and attending any training or conference is a 100% voluntary decision, just like optional fun evening activities, which we will plan each night. Feel free to wear mask the whole time, and anything else you need.  However — there are NO Restrictions, and things are back to normal like they were before COVID.

Keynote Speaker and Featured Trainers in Boston

Honorable Arthur L. Burnett, Sr.

Keynote Speaker:  Honorable Arthur L. Burnett, Sr. is most well know for serving as America’s 1st African American Federal Magistrate Judge in 1969, Presiding Judge Twice for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, multiple American Bar Association and Presidential Appointments, United States Army, AUSA at United States Attorney’s Office, Law Professor at Howard University and Columbus University; Executive Director of National African American Drug Policy Coalition Inc., and Co-Founder and Board Vice President of Global Youth Justice, Inc. (2009-Current).  Judge Burnett has been Keynote Speaker for 24 of our 27 Global Youth Justice Trainings.   Detailed BIO on Civil Rights Legend @ https://2pgact17vsn520hzyb3nfxr6-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/19/2018/03/Federal-Bar-Arthur-L.-Burnett-Sr..pdf.

Scott B. Peterson, Global Youth Justice, Inc. CEO and Board President

Scott established one of USA’s earliest Youth Court Diversion Programs, and served as Executive Director of Youth Courts of the Capital District, Inc. in NY from 1993 to 1997.  By 1997, he helped replicated it in 50+ Communities and Tribes in New York. In 1997, he was hired in the Executive Branch of the United States Government, at U.S. Department of Justice (OJJDP) to Launch the 1st Federal Youth Court Program. By 2008 when he left, these Youth-Led and Volunteer-Driven Diversion Programs had become the most replicated Juvenile Justice Program in America, since the 1st Juvenile Court in 1899 in Cooke County, Illinois.

Scott launched the 1st Federal, 1st Private National, and 1st Global Organization called “Global Youth Justice, Inc.” on Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs. He is a graduate of the Prestigious FBI Citizens Academy, has received numerous Awards ranging from the United States Attorney’s Office to Federal Bureau of Investigation to United Nations.  Scott is Founder and CEO of Global Youth Justice, Inc. (2009-Current).  In 2021, Scott designed and launched the 1st Annual 9/11 DAY Flag of Honor Across America Memorials for the 20th Anniversary of the Tragic Events of September 11, 2001.  It became the largest 9/11 Day Multi-Site Project in 2021, and was also selected as 1 of only 5 Federal 9/11 Day Projects in 2021, and USA enrollment opened for 2022.

Additional Speakers and Trainers

Terri Swanson Belliveau, Director, South Coast Youth Court, Massachusetts

Terri is the Director of the 1st Youth Court in Massachusetts, the South Coast Youth Courts, in New Bedford and Fall River and is a driving force behind this excellent diversion program, and for many years she has assumed many roles and is excellent and will share insightful information for all in the training.  She is among New England’s leading experts on Youth Court, and has presented at many Global Youth Justice Trainings, and the South Coast Youth Courts she heads up is an excellent example of working with at-risk youth and high-risk youth, and this includes nights and weekends, as it should be.   Terri will share helpful information on how you can establish or enhance a Youth Court Diversion Program from multiple aspects including Youth Development.

Connie Jones-Hairston, Director, New York

White Plains Youth Bureau Social Justice for Youth Program Community Youth Court

Connie Jones-Hairston has worked with the White Plains Youth Bureau for the past 7 years and serves as the Youth Court Program Director. This Youth Court in New York is one of the most high profile and innovative across New York State and Connie is the driving force behind it, and will share excellent experience with those at the training.

Arianne Reyer, Assistant Director, Nassau County Youth Court, New York

Arianne is currently Special Counsel for Adolescent and Juvenile Justice at Nassau County Probation, New York and former Assistant District Attorney, Nassau County District Attorneys Office, New York.

Arianne is also Assistant Director of the Nassau County Youth Court. She is also an adjunct professor at Hofstra’s Maurice A. Deane School of Law, where she co-teaches an innovative course that introduces law students to the fundamentals of juvenile justice system reform by engaging them in mentoring high school students in the Youth Court program.  Like Connie, Arianne launched yet another innovation recently in New York, and will be discussing partnerships ranging from Probation to District Attorneys Office to Schools to Colleges and more. Arianne has been a leader on many levels, and will share insightful information for all.

Fair Registration Process

Registration is fairly approved, based on a first registered and paid, first approved process.  Participants book resort rooms after they are registered, paid, and have been provided with the code to book rooms at reduced rates.  As soon as all registration slots are filled, we will close registration on our website.  If you need to cancel your $195 registration fee, we will reimburse you 100%.

Training Description

Global Youth Justice Champions 2,000+ volunteer-driven and youth-led youth justice and juvenile justice diversion programs called Teen/Youth/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury in 48 USA States, 20+ Tribes, District of Columbia, and 12 Countries on 5 Continents, making it the most replicated juvenile justice and youth justice program around the globe.

And, adults and youth from hundreds of additional communities around the globe are in various stages of implementing one of these rapidly expanding and affordable juvenile justice and youth justice diversion programs.  These rapidly expanding Youth-Led and Volunteer-Driven Diversion Programs are fortunately 100% Public Domain — there is no fee, charge, or membership related expenses to establishing and operating these Diversion Programs.  

These rapidly expanding local volunteer-driven diversion programs harness positive peer pressure and utilize it in a peer judgment setting to help address the anti-social, delinquent, and criminal behavior of youthful offenders.  The peer judgment, volunteer-driven, youth-led, and positive peer pressure aspects of these diversion programs are the primary programmatic elements that separate these juvenile justice and youth justice diversion programs from all others.  

Participants Eligibility:Participantsare individual adults and teams of 2-6 adults interested in Establishing and Enhancing Teen/Youth/Peer/Student Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs in the USA and around the Globe.  Because these diversion programs are operated by a wide range of agencies and organizations, with even more local partnerships, adults are from many different professions.

These include from courts, law enforcement agencies, nonprofits, district attorney’s offices, bar associations, public defenders offices, youth bureaus, public and private schools, civic and fraternal organizations, probation departments, foundations, colleges and universities, community service organizations, youth service agencies, youth bureaus, researchers, native and aboriginal tribes and councils, community coalitions, social and racial justice advocates, community organizers, community coalitions, non-profits, elected and public officials, and others involved with juvenile/youth/criminal justice. 

Half of the training participants register as individuals, and the other half are teams usually comprising 2-6 adults.  We are unfortunately not able to allow youth under age 18. 


Below are the Top 15 Settings administering youth court, teen court, peer court, student court, and peer jury diversion programs in 2,000+ communities, schools and tribes. Local adult community leaders determine the lead administering entity, which often works in close collaboration with multiple other entities, and these Diversion Programs are 100% Public Domain.

1. Courts (local and state)
2. Nonprofits
3. Schools — Public and Private.
4. Probation Departments
5. Youth Bureaus and Youth Services
6. Police Departments and Sheriff Departments
7. Social Service Departments and Organizations
8. District Attorney and Public Defender Offices
9. Bar Associations
10. Tribal and Indigenous Entities
11. Social Justice and Racial Justice
12. Volunteer Organizations
13. United Way, YWCA, YMCA
14. Boys and Girls Clubs
15. Restorative Justice Organizations

Easy Registration Process

Step #1    The two (2) options to register include:

Option #1:  Fill out the registration individual registration form below (save to your desktop or print and scan) and e-mail to GlobalYouthJustice@GlobalYouthJustice.org and request a secure PayPal Invoice, so you can use a personal/business/employer debit or credit card to pay registration.  You do not need to be a PayPal Member, or Register for anything, to pay a Secure PalPal Invoice, and 95% of participants use this option, as you get a link to pay via email, and just pay it.  You only need a credit or debit card.

Option #2:  Fill out the registration form below and mail the registration form with a check made payable to Global Youth Justice, Inc. to Global Youth Justice, Inc., 89 South Street, Suite #203, Boston, Massachusetts, 02111.  Please feel free to contact Global Youth Justice by phone directly at (202) 468-3790 with any questions, such as eligibility before mailing registration forms.

Step #2    Registration approval is fairly on a 1st registered and 1st paid basis.  Individuals and teams of 2-5 individuals are eligible to register.  Global Youth Justice Trainings are subsidized, and therefor, registration approval is required before participants can proceed with making travel plans.  Global Youth Justice Trainings do fill to capacity, given the large number of communities, schools, and tribes in the process of establishing, enhancing and/or expanding these diversion programs — so register early, as space is limited.






W-9 Tax Exempt and EIN Form

(included for purposes of anyone needing this to pay registration)



Call Global Youth Justice at (202) 468-3790 EST and/or e-mail GlobalYouthJustice@GlobalYouthJustice.org.