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Training and Technical Assistance is routinely made available by Global Youth Justice to NGO’s, Agencies and Organizations around the Globe.  We specialize in offering technical assistance and training to help communities establish, enhance and expand quality youth justice and juvenile justice diversion programs referred to as youth court, teen court, student court, peer court and peer jury.  Global Youth Justice also convenes multiple international three (3) day training institutes each year on establishing, enhancing, and expanding youth court, teen court, student court, peer court and peer jury diversion programs.

Specialized areas of Technical Assistance and Training include:

Assist you in developing a plan for organizing and cultivating the support of the community;

Work with you to form a task force and advisory committee;

Help you conduct a needs and resource assessment;

Educate you on examining legal issues;

Help identify and apply for funding for your program;

Assist with staffing issues and job descriptions;

Work with you to determine the function, program model, and procedure of the teen court model;

Help work on developing a program purpose, goals, and objectives;

Help determine offender target population and referral process;

Assist with the design of program services;

Help you develop public relations materials and plan;

Share effective case management practices;

Assist the community with determining when, where, and how often hearings and/or trials will take place and be held;

Work with you to recruit, train, organize, recognize and retain volunteers to include both youth and adults;

Help your community with program evaluation; and

Help your community develop a strategic plan with a specific time-line to implement or enhance a high quality effective program.


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