Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Global Youth Justice reduces the incidence and prevents the escalation of juvenile crime and incarceration rates around the world by advancing the global expansion of quality youth justice and juvenile justice diversion programs commonly referred to as youth court, teen court, peer court, student court and peer jury.  This is the mission and fundamental purpose of Global Youth Justice.  Global Youth Justice is the lead organization around the Globe advancing the quality expansion of these rapidly expanding youth-led and volunteer driven juvenile justice and youth justice diversion programs, which now total 1,800+ on 5-continents — with hundreds more in various stages of development around the globe.

Vision Statement

Global Youth Justice champions volunteer-driven strategies and low-cost innovations which alleviate some of the world’s more pressing and costly societal problems.  Global Youth Justice strives to improve the quality of life for humans through reducing high juvenile crime rates and historic-high incarceration rates of adults locally and globally.   Global Youth Justice achieves this through favorable outcomes that result from advancing the global expansion of quality volunteer-driven youth justice and juvenile justice voluntary diversion programs often called youth court, teen court, peer court, student court and peer jury.

Record numbers of volunteer youth (including former juvenile offenders) now serve as jurors, defenders, prosecutors, judges and clerk/bailiffs in local juvenile justice and youth justice systems on real juvenile crimes, offenses, and violations involving their peers.  A record 1,800+ plus communities around the Globe on 5 Continents now operate one of these cost-effective programs to reduce the incidence and prevent the escalation of juvenile crime and incarceration rates, which thereby reduces adult crime and incarceration rates.  Historic Numbers of Justice Volunteers, including both Youth and Adults — Make it Possible for these 1,800+ Communities to Give their Youth a 2nd, and Even 3rd Chance for Minor Crimes, Offenses and/or Violations.

While there exist greater linkages today between nations and peoples than our planet has likely ever known, we still see all around us an ever-increasing divide between the rich and poor.  This is especially transparent in the disproportionate representation of the poor and those with a disease in the juvenile justice system and criminal justice system.  These youth justice and juvenile justice diversion programs around the globe are engaging youth in record numbers to volunteer and work side-by-side with adults who have empowered them to bridge this divide and work toward a shared vision of human dignity, greater equity, freedom, basic security and justice.  Youth must be at the forefront in the local to global struggle to overcome some of our most pressing and complex social and economic global challenges.

Research on Mission and Vision

Multiple research reports and data collection projects on youth/teen/student/peer court and peer jury diversion programs have taken place.  The United States Department of Justice, George Washington University, Urban Institute, State Justice Institute and others have funded and/or conducted this research and data collection, documenting the considerable benefits of these volunteer-driven and youth-led diversion programs.

Learn More:  https://www.globalyouthjustice.org/resources/research/