Sponsorship Opportunities

In 2018, Global Youth Justice, Inc. was launched as a new International Nonprofit Corporation with an approved 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable status on September 12, 2017.  Global Youth Justice, Inc. is the leading USA and International organization championing more than 1,800+ youth/teen/student/peer court and peer jury diversion programs on 4-continents — easily making these unique volunteer-driven and youth-led diversion programs the most replicated juvenile justice and youth justice diversion programs globally.  A record 250,000+ youth and adults are now involved with these rapidly expanding youth/teen/student/peer court and peer jury diversion programs — with these historic numbers substantially increasing from one year to the next.

Global Youth Justice, Inc. views corporate sponsorship as a form of marketing in which a corporation, foundation, philanthropist and/or others contribute all of some of costs associated with a project, program, conference, service or other activity in exchange for recognition.  Corporations, foundations, philanthropists and others may have their logos and brand names displayed alongside Global Youth Justice, with specific mention of funding provided — and other forms of recognition to be decided upon, in a case by case situation.

By 2021, Global Youth Justice, Inc. submitted our 1st Federal Grant, and we won our 1st Federal Grant.  Global Youth Justice, Inc. is the recipient of a three (3) year Federal Grant from AmeriCorps for 2021-2023 to be a lead National Partner for 9/11 Day of National Service in the amount of $404,000.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

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In-Kind Sponsor

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Interested in Sponsorship at Global Youth Justice?

You may email GlobalYouthJustice@GlobalYouthJustice.org and/or preferably call Global Youth Justice at (202) 468-3790, EST and speak to Scott Peterson, CEO/Board President and/or Honorable Arthur L. Burnett, Sr., Board Vice President.