Establish a Diversion Program

Establish, Enhance, and Expand a Diversion Program


Diversion Programs:  Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury

Global Youth Justice Champions the Establishment, Enhancement and Expansion of youth-led and volunteer-driven Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice DIVERSION PROGRAMS commonly referred to as Youth Court, Teen Court, Peer Court, Student Court and Peer Jury.  There are a record 1,800+ of these Diversion Programs on 4-continents, and hundreds more in various stages of development around the globe.



Global Youth Justice conducts a wide range of Conferences, Trainings and Events in support of the Establishment, Enhancement and Expansion of these rapidly expanding Diversion Programs.  More than 2,000+ adults from 10+ Countries and 50+ Tribes and Aboriginal populations have attended Global Youth Justice Trainings.  Global Youth Justice offers Technical Assistance both on-site and off-site to local communities, states, countries, tribes and aboriginal populations and other NGO’s and Governments around the globe.


Technical Assistance

Technical Assist is routinely made available by Global Youth Justice to NGO’s, Agencies and Organizations around the Globe.  We specialize in offering technical assistance and training to help communities establish, enhance and expand quality youth justice and juvenile justice diversion programs referred to as youth court, teen court, student court, peer court and peer jury.  Global Youth Justice also convenes multiple international three (3) day training institutes each year on establishing, enhancing, and expanding youth court, teen court, student court, peer court and peer jury diversion programs.


Interested in Establishing a Diversion Program?

You can email or call Global Youth Justice at (202) 468-3790, EST.


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