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Global Youth Justice maintains the largest directory and database on youth/teen/student/peer court and peer jury diversion programs around the globe on 5-continents.  Global Youth Justice administers the worlds largest subscribed to e-Newsletter on these diversion programs, youth justice and juvenile justice — a total of 60,000+ subscribers.  The directory and database dates back to the first national database released by the American Bar Association in 1993, which documented more than 50 of these diversion programs in 12 states, and on several several native and aboriginal lands.  The directory and database was significantly enhanced from 1997 to 2008, as a result of federal youth court projects totaling more than ten (10) million dollars, from five (5) federal agencies to six (6) national organizations in America.  From 2009 to 2014, Global Youth Justice LLC maintained and further enhanced this directory and database.

Since 2015, both the Directory and Database are managed and enhanced by Global Youth Justice, Inc.   The Global Youth Justice directory and database are the largest around the globe and include:

(1) 80,000+ e-news subscribers;

(2) 19,500+ excel contacts from local youth/teen/student/peer court and peer jury diversion programs;

(3) 13,000+ staff contact emails;

(4) 1,400+ local websites;

(5) 250+ social media links; and

(6) 150,000+ twitter followers and more.

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More than 80,000+ adults and youth from around the world are subscribed to the Global Youth Justice Monthly Newsletter on a Record 1,800+ Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs on 5-Continents.  Adult and youth subscribers are from 37 different countries, multiple territories and dozens of native and aboriginal tribes.  The Global Youth Justice e-News is also the most subscribed e-newsletter on these youth-led and volunteer-driven diversion programs, as well as Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice.

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Local, state, tribal and national youth/teen/student/peer court and peer jury diversion programs, organizations, networks, and associations can be added to the Global Youth Justice Database and Directory.  Submit the information below to and thank you to more than 2,200+ adults and youth who have submitted this information to Global Youth Justice since 2009.

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