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Global Youth Justice is the lead organization around the Globe offering high-quality Trainings, Technical Assistance, Support and Conferences to establish, enhance and expand youth-led and volunteer-driven Juvenile Justice and Youth Justice Diversion Programs called Youth Court, Teen Court, Peer Court, Student Court and Peer Jury.

Global Youth Justice Trainings are consistently filled to capacity.  More than 2,000+ adults from 20+ countries on 5-Continents have participated in Global Youth Justice 3-day Training Institutes.  Hundreds of additional adults from around the globe have been, and continue to be recipients of Trainings and Technical Assistance from Global Youth Justice.

Next Event — 95% Filled on 11/12/19

2019 Global Youth Justice Conference

December 3-5, 2019

Tuesday to Thursday

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 

After 22 Trainings from Global Youth Justice since 2009, the 1st Global Youth Justice Conference on Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs will take place this December 3-5, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the Tuscany Suites Resort and Casino.  The Registration Fee is $225 ($125+ is spent back on food) and Resort Rooms Suites for approved participants are only $66.89 per night (Sunday to Thursday) and that includes the 13.38% tax rate and the nightly $28 nightly resort fee.  Friday and Saturday nights before and after the training are $112.85 and that also included tax and the resort fee.  And — 50 additional Resort Rooms have been secured in the Global Youth Justice Conference Contract for Friends and/or Family of approved registrants at the low rates above.  These rooms are for participants wanting to bring family and/or friends who are not attending the conference.  Many participants attend Global Youth Justice Trainings and Conferences and take vacation time to extent their stay in Las Vegas on the front and/or back end of our events.

Global Youth Justice Conferences are subsidized, as a result of contributions and volunteers, which is why are registration fee and resort rooms rates are considerably lower than most other organizations.  Click on “Upcoming Trainings” below or on the right side of this page for registration and other information.

Below, and to the right, are upcoming training opportunities, details on how to request technical assistance, and past trainings.  In addition to these opportunities, you can contact Global Youth Justice to request specific training and/or technical assistance.  Click on Upcoming Trainings below for upcoming Global Youth Justice Conferences and Trainings.

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