TEEN COURT Diversion Programs are Youth-Led and Volunteer-Driven and are in a Record 1800+ Communities, Tribes, and Schools — now in 48 USA States and 10 Countries on 5 Continents.  Teen Court Diversion Programs are also called Youth Court, Peer Court, Student Court, Peer Jury, and Youth Panels.

Teen Court Diversion Programs are a text-book example of a Local Grass-Roots Movement – that has grown into a Global Youth Justice Movement, and easily making Teen Courts the Most Replicated Juvenile Justice and Youth Justice Diversion Program around the Globe.

Global Youth Justice, Inc. is the leading USA and Global Nonprofit w/501c3 Status championing the quality Establishment, Enhancement, and Expansion of these Teen Court Diversion Programs still rapidly expanding around the Globe.   Teen Court Diversion Programs are Youth-Led, Volunteer-Driven, Sustainable, Scalable, and 100’s more are in various stages of Development around the Globe.

Global Youth Justice Website on Teen Court Diversion Programs @ https://www.globalyouthjustice.org/


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