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Global Youth Justice
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                     Record 30,000+ Youth and Adult Subscribers 

More than 30,000+ youth and adults from around the world are registered to receive the Monthly e-Newsletter from Global Youth Justice. This is the largest e-newsletter in the world focusing specifically on juvenile justice/youth justice programs. Countries from Australia and England to Russia and Japan to United States and Canada to China and Israel and Mexico and Iraq and Brazil and many more are subscribed to the Global Youth Justice's e-News

The first issue of the Monthly e-News was launched in March of 2010. Past issues are available to download for free (see below). Global Youth Justice has a goal to increase subscription to to more than 30,000 youth and adult subscribers by the end of 2015.                                           

                                                             2015 Global Youth Justice
                                   Top 10 e-News
January Issue, 2015
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March, 2015
245.5 KB

April, 2015

237.9 KB

May, 2015
312.5 KB

June, 2015
393.4 KB

July and August 2015
390.4 KB

October and September, 2015
488.7 KB

December and November, 2015
467.6 KB

                                2014 Global Youth Justice

January Issue, 2014
192.6 KB

March and February Issue, 2014
187.8 KB

May and April, 2014
195.0 KB

June, 2014
205.3 KB

July and August, 2014
189.9 KB

September and October, 2014
106.5 KB

                                      2013 e-News Issues

January 2013
256.7 KB

March 2013 Issue
266.6 KB

April and May 2013

245.7 KB

July and June 2013
239.1 KB

August 2013
244.4 KB

October and November 2013
253.5 KB

December 2013
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2012 e-News Issues

January 2012    February 2012     March 2012         April 2012         May 2012
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June 2012               July 2012              August            
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September/October 2012                                                                                November/December 2012
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2011 e-News Issues

September/August 2011        October 2011      December/November 2011
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July/June         May/April 2011     
March/Feb 2011    January, 2011    
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2010 e-News Issues

March, 2010    April/May, 2010      June, 2010         July 2010     August 2010     Sept 2010
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  Oct, 2010         Nov/Dec, 2010
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Contribute News and Stories for GYJ's Network!

Global Youth Justice welcomes your submission of news items for inclusion i
it's Monthly e-Newsletter.  International, national, state, and local news items on the expansion of juvenile justice and youth justice programs commonly referred to as
youth court, teen court, peer court, student court, youth peer jury, and youth peer panel are always welcome.  Significant human news stories on the extraordinary youth
and adults who volunteer and/or staff these local juvenile justice programs are welcome.  Let us promote/share information on your Youth Justice program on the Global Youth Website, Blog, Twiteer, Monthly e-news and more.

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